Technical Info

The Off-Grid Controller allows you to monitor and control your system, wherever you are. Easily installed, you can now greatly expand your understanding and functionality of your existing or newly installed off-grid system.
Designed to meet the various requirements of off-grid systems worldwide, the Off-Grid
Controller provides you with real time, accurate measurements of your system and
environment. It allows you to create actions such as controlling relays to manage AC or DC
electrical circuits or start generators. These actions can be set to respond to changes in
generation consumption and the environment such as available solar power, battery state of charge (SoC) or temperature variations.

The core monitoring & control functionality includes:

  • Battery DC Voltage: 18v to 75v
  • DC Current: -300A to +300A. Up to 10 sensors with core version
  • AC Voltage: 230VAC
  • AC Current: -100A to +100A. Up to 13 sensors with core version
  • Multi-function inputs: Up to 10 inputs for sensors, including combined temperature & humidity yet fully customisable for a broad array of sensors
  • IR and PWM Output: Control up to 4 IR devices (eg. advanced control of air conditioning units) or small motors for home automation
  • Relay control: Manage up to 6 circuits, including 230VAC circuits using DIN-Rail SSR relays

Alert service

  • Email notifications of battery SOC, temperature and any other variable desired
  • Email notification when series of conditions are met over a period of time

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Change variables and program sensors online
  • View comprehensive graphing suite online displaying all available data at the push of a button
  • Download data easily

Networking & Security:

  • Secure VPN
  • Three layer encryption
  • Satellite Up-link for remote location (requires external satellite receiver)
  • 3G mobile phone connection when mobile network is available (requires external 3G receiver)
  • Remote data storage

Core components:

  • Raspberry PI – Linux base unit
  • Arduino DUE – 12bit high precision input/output microcontroller
  • Microtik Router – provides secure VPN and networking access to Arduino and PI
  • Kingston Solid state Drive – High temp, high read/write ability for harsh environments
  • High precision electronic components – 0.1% (where required) for resistors, reference diodes, power supplies

Power supply:

  • 18 – 75V DC Battery Connection
  • 110 – 260V AC Power supply